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Fashion & Modelling

With our models we operate in following areas:


Fashion and Photo-shoots


- Fashion shows - Catwalk

- Presentations of new collections, accessories, jewelry

- Trunk shows

- Showroom, fitting

- Photo-shoots for catalogues, websites and fashion editorials

- Brand ambassador for leading brands


Advertising and Video Promotion

Furthermore we select models for

- Advertising (campaigns and commercials)

- Video promotions

- Music videos

- Catalogues

- Photo shooting

In case of need we select the right location for the photo-shoots and provide the client with all the permissions.

Petra Peter does not only take care of the casting and selection of the models but also of the organisation of the styling & fitting and provides you with the best make up artist & hair stylist.
We also help you to select the right lighting, music and choreography.

In order to report you event we also organize video and photo reportages.



Television and Entertainment

We also provide:

- Presenters for events or openings

- Extras for films

- Spectators for television programs

Spot Fashion Shows & Editorials
Spot Settore Immobiliare
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