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Staff Trainings

Staff training

The Agency's trainings provide important rules and tips to do an excellent job and deal with professionalism and naturallness all kinds of mandates of Petra Peter's Events.

The ultimate goal is to manage with mastery and ease the work ensuring the success of the event for the client.

To provide an excellent services to our clients, our trainings aim at:

- professionalism and efficiency,
- elegance, discretion and good manners,
- preparation on the dynamics and evolution of the event,
- ability to adapt to the needs and anticipate situations.



The experience accumulated over the years has given us the opportunity to share our knowledge with other companies, by organizing training sessions which increase staff comfortability for interacting directly and in the front line with customers. 

In this context we provide consultant services to third parties for:

- Training for Floormanagers and Welcoming Staff in banking sector
- Trainings for Welcoming Staff an Hotess/Stewards for Events and Exhibitions
- Team involved in Products Promotion - Brand Ambassadors.

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