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 Productions in the fashion industry:




Our staff consisting of experienced photographers, stylists and make-up artist is available to create photo books and portraits for models and actors, in studio or in exterior.


Professional photographs, realized and selected with care, are often a good means to differentiate and denote someone's professionalism and personality.


Thanks to our hair-stylist and make up artists, also the look and the appearance of the make-up can be treated on the set. They can follow you step by step during the shots with the photographer in order to 'exploit all the potential' of the subject.







We have our own production called MODELS WANTED in which we select and train male and female models to be included in the world of fashion, advertising, television and the entertainment industry through courses and intensive days, in which male and female models can experiment, experience and learn all basic rules in order to deal with a casting or a fashion show, to be able to move with ease on the catwalk or with fluency and spontaneity in front of a camera.

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