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Petra Peter




Born in Vienna and grew up in Ticino, Petra Peter is a businesswoman and director of the fashion agency Petra Peter's Events Sagl specialized in the management of hostesses and stewards, and in the organization of promotional and fashion events. 


After her studies in International Relations at the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales (HEI) in Geneva (CH) and, after several experiences in advertising agencies and multinational companies, she decided in 2000 to start her own business and to open her own company.


Thanks to her experience and the perfect knowledge of five languages, the three Swiss national ones, plus English and Spanish, she gives to her agency an international aspect, and guarantees a professional service to all her clients.


The many years of experience, and many prestigious clients enrolled in the agency's portfolio, are the best advirtisement to present a professional team in the art of communication.

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